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Dorethea Love is an ambitious fitness professional. One who understands the importance of a well balanced life- mind, body, and  spirit. She makes no excuses when it comes to her work ethic; always striving for excellence and helping others along the way. This was not always her truth; but she was determined to defy the odds and find her purpose for life. After the birth of her daughter she experienced postpartum depression. This led to unhealthy relationships, lack of motivation daily life activities, and an emotional roller coaster that seemed never ending. She knew that she had to make change, not only for herself but for her daughter that was watching. She soon turned to fitness, meditation, and therapy for healing. This process led to her attaining her Masters degree in Education-Health/PhysicalEd, competitive body building, personal training certification, and other areas of expertise. Through her personal commitment to better herself, she transformed her life for her better. She found her why.


It is now her goal to help empower and motivate as many others around the globe to make total life changes. To inspire others to live and lead a healthier life, starting from within. Her mission is to help women create a balanced lifestyle that focuses on the whole self; providing practical  mindfulness tools that supports total-body wellness. She is a Holistic Fitness Coach, mentor, and certified personal trainer and offers online fitness & nutrition programs, educational workshops, community & corporate wellness events. Her motto is that wellness starts from within; our true essence lies in the depths of our spirit, and it’s our mind that aligns the body into complete wholeness. Just as exercising our body, we must first strengthen our mind. Everything we do starts with a thought, and consistency is the key to seeing those dreams to a reality. She believes that we can have it all, as long as we put thought with action and believe in ourselves- the best is yet to come. 

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